Find Your PathA quest to find a way of living
– both yours and ours.

OTERA STAY is your guide,
if you’re ready to change the journey of your life
from seeking instant gratification to treasuring the continued time.

(In Japanese, otera means temple and is broadly used to suggest “house of worship”)

What is in this world-you, us, our surroundings, everything- are gifts from our ancestors.
Ephemeral moments accumulate as we pass our gift on to our future.

OTERA STAY wants to enjoy and be excited about considering
the well-being and happiness of all of us, our friends and families, and society
by connecting the time and space of the past, present, and future.

Meditate together.
Moderate the body and soul.
Take nourishment from life, and appreciate life.
Listen to silence, and sleep deeply.
Take deep breaths in the morning light.
Learn the knowledge of our ancestors
and immerse yourself in history and nature

Your never-ending quest starts with your first step.

Make OTERA STAY a part of your life journey.