About Our Team

Share Wing Goes Global from Japan
We will create new businesses that lead to wellbeing industry

  • Mission
    Providing a place and services to revive the mind and body
    and services from Japan to the world, and increase the number of healthy and happy people
  • Our Business
    •providing and development of the wellbeing service and contents
    •Town development plannning centered on the Japan’s cultural heritage such as temples and shrines
    •Consulting business related to temples and shrines

Our Business

Consulting Business

  • for temples and shrines
  • for corporate
  • for goverment

Personalized service and content of temple brands that renew the mind and body


New Brand and Service

  • Collaboration with temples and priests with a social entrepreneurial mindset
  • Creation of new businesses and projects for each region and social issue

Social Venture Incubation in the temples and shrines

Company Profile

Company Name
ShareWing, Inc
Head Office / Tokyo Office
SakuragaokaFrontⅡbuilding 3F,16-13 Sakuragaokacho,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo View Access Map
Takayama Branch
Temple Hotel Zenko-ji, Tenman-cho, Takayama-shi, Gifu(TEL:0577-32-8470)
6th of July 2016
Number of employees
(including directors, employees, and part-time workers)
Mai Sato
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Team Member

The business professionals with the unique backgrounds and special monks required to operate innovated temple business form a powerful organization.

  • Mai Sato

    President and Representative Director/CEO

    Mai Sato

    Born in Saitama,Japan. Graduated from Waseda University with a degree in Sports Science.From 2003 to 2005,Will Capital Management, an independent venture capital firm. From 2006 to now, founded Hotmark.Co.,Ltd, spa and sauna planning company.In 2016, co-founded Share Wing.Co.,Led.
    Life work:Research and implement the latest health, beauty and wellness trends.

  • Board of Directors

    Hiroshi Ueda

    Born in Osaka,Japan.Graduated from Doshisha University. In 1999, he founded Gaiax, Inc. with his brother, Yuji Ueda (current president), and was in charge of recruitment and corporate sales.
    In 2013, founded Duck & Force Inc. to promote co-creation communication using hot springs. Travels to hot springs in Japan and the Northern Hemisphere for interviews.Traveling, reading, and visiting bars around the world and Star Wars is favorite and life work.

  • Masaharu Suzuki

    Masaharu Suzuki

    Business Development, Operation

  • Kaiji Yamamoto

    Kaiji Yamamoto

    Operation, Monk

  • Tomoko Shibuya

    Tomoko Shibuya

  • Genjyun Kondo

    Genjyun Kondo

    Advisor, Monk

  • Yoko Tanigaki

    Yoko Tanigaki

    Producer, Ex-president of Hotel chain

  • Naoko Unryuin

    Naoko Unryuin

    Promotion, PR

  • Takashi Onoda

    Takashi Onoda